What is wood therapy?

Wood therapy is a technique in which a rigorous and complete massage is performed with the help of various utensils made of wood. Each of these instruments has a specific shape and size since they adapt to different areas of the body to fulfill a function. These instruments help to reduce fat cells, appearance of cellulite, firm and tone the area.

During a wood therapy session, specialized wooden tools are used with repetitive motions on certain areas of the body, such as the face, torso, arms, and legs. Deep, continuous, direct pressure is placed on “problem areas.” The tools are sanitized between uses.

The first few sessions may cause discomfort as you work with the aesthetician to figure out the right amount of pressure for you. Sessions may become more comfortable over time.2

Wood therapy may cause bruising for some people.


What are the benefits of wood therapy?

  • breaking down fat and cellulite (pockets of fat just below the skin)
  • Reshaping the body
  • Promoting body cleansing
  • Promoting lymphatic drainageand elimination of adipose tissue (fat)
  • Improving skin tone and elasticity
  • Relieving stressand promoting relaxation.
  • Loosening tight muscles
  • Firming thighs and butt
  • Stimulating blood circulation


What are contraindications of Wood therapy?

  • Kidney diseases.
  • Considerable burns or skin lesions.
  • Skin infections or diseases.
  • Patients diagnosed with edema.