• The first step is the cleansing process. The purpose of this process is to remove any impurities and makeup.
  • The next step is exfoliation. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells, which encourages the growth of more skin cells.
  • Steam is used during the next step. The steam is used to deeply clean the pores.
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  • Extraction is the next step, but it is optional. Many people opt to skip this step because they find it uncomfortable. The extraction allows for an even deeper cleansing.
  • Extraction is followed by a massage. The face, shoulder and neck will be massaged. The purpose of this massage is to help you relax more.
  • The mask will be applied after the massage. The type of mask that is applied depends upon your skin type.
  • The final step in this process is to apply the moisturizer.


What are the benefits of a European facial

  • Hydrates Your Skin
  • This facial will help hydrate your skin.
  • Younger-Looking Appearance
  • Helps Unclog the Pores
  • Reduces Tensions
  • Reduces Stress
  • Removes Toxins from Your Skin